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River ranch - McCall airport adjacent property


Backcountry destinations

Learn about backcountry airports and off-airport operations from around the world.


Backcountry aircraft

Bush planes and aircraft that are ideal for backcountry flying, including popular modifications and accessories.


Backcountry piloting

Techniques and procedures for negotiating the unique flight environment of the backcountry.

Safety & Survival

Backcountry safety and survival

Self-sufficiency in the absence of civilization is a critical skillset for pilots.

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Maintenance, Tuning, and Parts Support
jrc111 3 minutes ago View the latest post Cessna 180 Elevator Noise
No down spring on mine; apparently that happened on SN 50662 and later.
Tailcone off, extended baggage out. No noise in the elevator itself when it is disconnected. Pushing forward...
Trip Reports
Area51Flyer 13 minutes ago View the latest post Flying to the Walt Ray Memorial
Last month, a trip report about my trek to the Walt Ray Memorial in the Clover Mountains of southern Nevada was published on PhotoRecon.net. This was one of the most exciting backcountry...
BRD Today, 14:01pm View the latest post Where did you fly today?
Just got back about 2 hours ago - hauled a Husky from the Orlando, FL area to here (Brainerd, MN) fighting that stupid tropical storm almost the whole way... Left Leesburg, FL Wednesday...
8GCBC Today, 12:27pm View the latest post Alaska PAGS (+10d) Brady Glacier (unimaginable)
Posting @ 300 baud, no video until better internet.
Accident Analysis
180Marty Today, 12:03pm View the latest post 180 In-Flight Breakup
I knew someone that was flying a 206 in the Billings MT area probably 15 or so years ago that shed the wings and went in. He got too close to a thunderstorm. Some people on horseback...
Video Gallery
motoadve Today, 11:41am View the latest post Gusty Stehiken landing
aftCG this was at 10:30 AM
Around the Campfire
deckofficer Today, 11:18am View the latest post Air Park living on the cheap
Well, back to living at the country's least expensive airparks. It is currently 108* but thankfully 10% humidity so the swamp cooler has the home at 73* and 76% humidity at noon as...
Aircraft Types
Zzz Today, 10:34am View the latest post 185 520vs550
I upgraded to a 550 about 5 years ago. At max cruise it only made about a 6 knot difference, but in the middle of the power band the difference was significant. Whereas I used to...
Airframes Alaska - Grizzly Claw ski brake

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