is an online aviation community for pilots who enjoy the sentiment of bush flying, whose passion is to escape the world of paved runways in search of remote airstrips surfaced with grass, dirt, gravel, or no improvement at all. Most of us are hobbyists, but many are professionals for whom this operation outside the realm of concrete and air traffic control is just another day at work.

The site launched in late 2004 as an alternative to the many type-specific forums that were already popular at the time. While there were forums for Maules, Super Cubs, Champs, Skywagons, Cessna 170's, etc, there was still an opportunity to transcend the type focus and unite pilots' common interest in backcountry and bush flying. These are the aspects of aviation I have always loved, and this was what I wanted to chat about-- It wasn't important what type plane anyone flew.

Enjoy topics on flying technique, survival, aircraft, and airports/airstrips to visit. Descend into the depths of Theory, Practice, and Procedures; research your dream plane in the Aircraft Types forums; or explore your options for modification of your Cessna 182. There's a wealth of information here, and a wealth of knowledgeable people.

We've added many entirely new sections such as the Knowledge Base, Featured Photos and Videos, Events and Groups, and in-depth articles written by BCP members.

In 2013, with the launch of "3.0," we're a little older and more experienced, having logged nearly 10 years' worth of adventures, fly-ins, epic discussions, arguments, exciting videos, bent planes, lost brothers, and solid friendships. Enjoy the site, and go get that airplane dirty.

Zane Jacobson

Zane Jacobson

Zane Jacobson is the founder/editor of Backcountry Pilot and currently flies a variety of rental aircraft around his home area of Portland, Oregon while continuing construction of his Bearhawk.


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