Website help

The plan is to move many of the How To's and Tutorials for website stuff over here from the forum, but for the time being you can visit the old section for many forum-specific help topics.

However, with the new website, many of those will be rendered obsolete. If you have a question or need help on something not addressed here, email

Using the website


What is the registration keyword?

Many people write to say that they can't find the "registration keyword." That's by design; it's hidden within the Pre-registration Orientation Guide, and the only way to find the keyword is to read the document in earnest. This is required reading for registration. It covers the policies of the website, protects us from spammers and solicitors, and improves the overall smoothness of the user experience.

I signed up but can't login

If you try to login too quickly after registration, you may receive an error or a message that your account is "blocked." This is normal.

All new accounts require approval by the admins. This can take up to 48 hours, because sometimes we're just nowhere near an Internet connection. If your account was registered with the correct registration keyword, and you clicked the link in your activation email, you'll get an email alerting you that your account is now active. If you didn't enter the correct registration keyword, we will not respond to let you know, as we just can't do this because of the number of spammers. If you haven't heard from us in 1 week, read the Pre-registration Orientation Guide to make sure you have the registration keyword, then email us at 7700[at] with your username and the correct registration keyword. We'll activate you manually as soon as we can.

We've also seen cases where users have not completely finished the registration process. Subsequent attempts to start over result in a message that your email address is already in use. If this is the case, email us at the above address and we'll wipe out the registration in limbo so you can start over. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Account, email, and password

Troubling logging in? Need to change the email address on your account? Here's a list of common tasks or issues:

Changing username

Users cannot change their own username. If you'd like your username changed to something else, PM or email one of the admins. You may only request a username change once, so be sure it's something you can live with.

Changing email address

Begin by logging into your account. Click on the main menu item "ME." Your public profile will appear with a menu near the top. Hover over (or tap once on tablet) the "Profile" menu until you see the submenu appear. Select "Edit profile."

Once the profile form appears, you'll need to click on Account Details to reveal the email address and password fields. Change them as needed, then click Save.

Lost password

For security reasons, we can't actually send you your password. In fact, passwords are not even stored in a readble way in the database. Your only option, should you forget your password, is to reset it. Start by visiting the Lost Password page.

Once there, enter your email address. You'll be emailed a temporary password, which you should immediately change upon logging in again.

Forum access: "TOO MANY REDIRECTS" problem

I've been getting reports of this issue lately. The easy solution is to just delete all cookies and re-login. Just now I deleted all sessions on the server, so people may have to log back in anyway.


Viewing the forum does not require one to be logged in, but if the server detects a BCP cookie, it tries to process it to recover your session (automatically log you in.) It will redirect you to the login page if it can;t process the cookie, but once back on the login page, it sees that cookie again thinking it's valid and redirects you again and... infinite loop. Most browsers catch this so they don't crash.

Recent server configuration changes have made your existing cookies cause an error.


Start by deleting your cookies from your browser. It is possible to delete only your cookies so that your other logged-in websites aren't affected. Follow the instructions below for your browser of choice, then close and restart your browser. Computer reboot is not necessary.

Using site features

The site has many features for users, such as user profile, photo gallery, friend feed, event calendar, discussion forum, and commenting on articles to name a few. Not all of these use the same software, and as such can work a little differently in comparison. We'll try to get some tutorials and FAQs posted here to help.

Photos in forum posts

Uploading a photo to your gallery is pretty straightforward, but posting a photo in a forum post isn't. Here's a forum topic I created a while back to address the issue, which includes a video screencast how-to.

Embedding videos

It's easy to embed a video in a forum post from popular video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, or even Facebook. In the post editor, there are BBcode buttons for these, and if you hover your mouse over them you will see the syntax. The idea is that you're not pasting the entire URL to the video, simply the unique identifer portion. Here's an example:

A Youtube URL looks like this: or like this:

The bolded portion is the unique identifier of the video. Copy and paste that between the [youtube]E-E_bMx-_zg[/youtube] tags.

For Vimeo, it is the unique number after the / like this:

Example: [vimeo]231742456[/vimeo]

For Facebook, it is similar. Find a unique ID number in the URL. Facebook video URL formats can be fairly complex but the video ID is usually like this:

My photos are rotated in my forum post

There is a detailed explanation for why, and how to fix this issue.