USAF Survival - Training Edition

An illustrated series from the 1955 USAF Survival Manual Training Edition.


Several years ago my uncle, who was a pilot, donated some old flying reference books to me, among which was a priceless 1955 training manual from the Department of the Air Force. It is a text rich with survival goodness beyond anything available on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. It is excellent bathroom reading material, allowing you to build up your repertoire of survival skills one-by-one with each passing day. From here on out I'll post a new nugget of Air Force knowledge whenever inspiration strikes, in illustrated comic book format.


We're back with another installment of this BCP Mini-Series, scanned from the pages of Air Force Manual 63 in brilliant black-and-white cereal box illustration. This time the topic is makeshift shelters.


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While this knowledge base is a compilation of information from various sources, some official in nature, it is not a recognized or acredited source of aviation training information, and thus should be considered entertainment. Please consult a FAA-certificated flight instructor or mechanic prior to putting any information found here into practice.