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    Photo pilot: Six questions with Leonardo Correa Luna

    Professional pilot and aviation photographer Leonardo Correa Luna is our first quarter 2017 featured photographer. Get to know the Uruguay native and Cessna 170 pilot as he answers my questions about flying and photography.

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Backcountry aircraft

Bush planes and aircraft that are ideal for backcountry flying, including popular modifications and accessories.


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Backcountry safety and survival

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Products, Gear, and Technology
TradeCraft 25 minutes ago View the latest post Any have any opinions on the PingBuddy2 ?
Yes, it will work with foreflight. Fairly positive it operates on the stratux firmware.
Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
Trip Reports
BRD 29 minutes ago View the latest post Where did you fly today?
Checking out current ice conditions:
Maintenance, Tuning, and Parts Support
JP256 Today, 12:01pm View the latest post Garmin GMA 340 Issue
Which raises the question "Why did the circuit breaker trip?" My rule of thumb on that is "One reset only, and if it triggers again, there's an underlying problem that...
Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
180Marty Today, 10:14am View the latest post The Light at The End of the Tunnel - My 185 Project
I like your red color pictures and the angle on the verticle looks fine to me. Not at all impressed with the original factory pictures.
Around the Campfire
hotrod180 Today, 09:43am View the latest post ID Div of Aero: New Big Brother Watching your YouTube Videos
4 pages of posts in just 5 days or so, wow.
Getting back to the original post....
I wonder if the guy writing the letter is just trying to suggest that off-airport and or "extreme"...
Theory, Practice, and Procedures
roamak Yesterday, 19:39pm View the latest post Uphill strips techniques?
I remember the airport description for Speravon in Alaska. Successful go around unlikely
Yep, that ones a beaut......went in there once with a 185. I don't think taking a C-130...
Aircraft Types
mtv Yesterday, 17:52pm View the latest post It's official! I'm a Maule owner now!
I'm mainly waiting for this Wisconsin weather to stabilize so I can get some quality time with my favorite tailwheel instructor. I got the checkouts that the insurance company needed,...
Bushcraft and survival
Gunman Yesterday, 14:52pm View the latest post Non-folding knives
Etnan Becker knives are big and tough enough to bet your life on.
I like this one.
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Pilot and photographer Leonardo Correa Luna

Check out the work of our latest featured photographer, Leonardo Correa Luna.

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Bush Flying Library

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