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By Matt McLaughlin / April 03, 2017 10:39 am

Flying the Knife Edge

The story of an ordinary man experiencing extraordinary things as a bush pilot in Papua New Guinea in the 1990s, Matt McLaughlin's memoir Flying the Knife Edge is a wonderfully depicted tale of exotic aviation adventure.
Professional pilot and aviation photographer Leonardo Correa Luna is our first quarter 2017 featured photographer. Get to know the Uruguay native and Cessna 170 pilot as he answers my questions about flying and photography.
By Evan Davis / January 18, 2017 01:22 am

To Idaho

A newly minted private pilot sets off on a long solo journey west from Ohio to Idaho and learns some invaluable lessons.
By Zane Jacobson / December 23, 2016 12:00 am

7 Days on the Range

Join us on a 7-day family summer vacation to the Mesabi Iron Range of northeast Minnesota for some weather, wind, and fun flying in some unique bush planes. Oh, and a super long short film.
A Washington state pilot turns his Cessna 170 on course for the 2016 High Sierra fly-in with a play-by-play account of his journey to the 7th annual high desert backcountry event.
By Jake Morrel / September 28, 2016 12:00 am

True Maine bush flying stories

Pilot and author Jake Morrel has released Hardscrabble Lodge: True Maine Bush Flying Stories, a vivacious and colorful tale of his pursuit of a life in the wilderness of northwest Maine.
By Ted Waltman / September 12, 2016 01:55 pm

Maule ferry flight to Alaska

For the second time in less than a year, pilot Ted Waltman heads north to Alaska from the Lower 48, this time to ferry a newly-purchased Maule M5 from Pullman, WA for a busy friend.
Gentleman Husky pilot and globetrotter Alex Wells is our latest featured photographer. Get to know the Bend, Oregon resident a little better to learn how he brings to life his aerial landscape and candid photography.
River ranch - McCall airport adjacent property

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