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Why donate to BCP? You're certainly not obligated to donate -- This site has been and will continue to be free of charge. We do have costs, however, and those costs increase with more members and more traffic to the server. The ads you see on the site help to offset costs, but the enormous hosting fees for a highly trafficked website, as well as the time spent on developing the site code, keeping spammers out, helping members with account issues, moderating the forum, and generating fun content to read (and rewarding those who contribute articles) all has a fairly high cost associated with it.

If you feel inspired to help out, we greatly appreciate it. Any amount is appropriate, however a recurring payment plan or a minimum amount of $30 per year is required to gain a supporter badge. There are no extra features to be purchased other than the prestige of being a supporter.

Note: Please include your username in the Paypal notes so I can add your "supporter" badge.

Zane Jacobson