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  • richpiney created a new forum topic FS: Cessna 180/182 Fueling Steps
    For Sale, Fueling Steps for Cessna 180/182. Has strut steps and fuselage side steps. First $250.00. Can Pay-Pal Invoice. Richard
    9 minutes ago
  • slow18 uploaded a new Event cover, Cougar Mountain Airfield 49WA Fly-In
    2 hours 47 minutes ago
  • motoadve created a new forum topic Pponk, which cylinders to get?
    Looking to upgrade to a Pponk during the next winter. Which cylinder option is the best? Continental remanufactured cylinders Superior Airparts factory new millenium steel cylinder $1,150 more Superior...
    7 hours 18 minutes ago
  • Hgr3029 created a new forum topic Easter Sunday
    We have not been out as much as usual this spring. The winds just won't quit. The winds died down in the am on Easter Sunday enough for us to get out and do some local flying. Since we had so much...
    11 hours 48 minutes ago
  • Hopefully the winds will have died down by then, we look forward to attending again this year.
    12 hours ago
  • Bigrenna created a new forum topic Volocopter...
    Stuff sure is changing fast...
    14 hours 30 minutes ago
  • Bigrenna created a new forum topic Kitty Hawke Flyer...
    Not sure what to make of this... Seaplane ops look out! mMWh4W1C2PM
    14 hours 34 minutes ago
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  • fredy created a new forum topic Lean #4 cylinder when WOT
    I'd like to solicit inputs on troubleshooting a problem I'm seeing with my engine in my 185. I have an IO-520D, and whenever I'm WOT, the #4 cylinder appears to run much leaner than the other 5. This...
  • Northroad created a new forum topic WTB: 2A34C203 88 servicable
    Alaska preferred. Text or call 907 598 6907
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  • corefile created a new forum topic New Cessna 180 Owner
    Finally!!! Its been several months since I smashed up my plane - and today I've joined the ranks of Cessna 180 owner (the plane I've wanted to own since I took my first lesson years ago). This smile on...
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  • skypics created a new forum topic Accuracy Dead Stick Practice
    We have 5 light sport aircraft in our group of back country flyers and we came to realize, while flying Idaho strips, that we had better be very good at making accuracy landings if the engine goes silent. We...
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  • skypics uploaded a new avatar.
  • The message I got after watching the video, is "get one of these and the chicks will dig you." So many toys, so little time.